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Iris Unbound Collection

As I work in my studio, I look out at my garden, which is home to many irises—bearded, reticulated, smooth-bulbed, blue, purple, yellow, red…I love them. You will notice that these irises escape their glass borders. There is just something about an iris that cannot be contained, which is why I call it Iris Unbound.

I create a design on paper, select the glass, then cut each piece individually. After grinding, cleaning and arranging the intricate sections, I put the assembled work in the kiln and fire between 760 - 800 degrees C, depending on the fuse effect I want. I  frame each piece in a 18" x 14" double matted white frame.

Please note that these pieces cannot be shipped. You will be prompted to add a shipping address, but we cannot ship them. If you would like to buy one please contact us and you can pick it up at our studio in Toronto.



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